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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My First Blog

First, I guess I will give you a little background on myself. I grew up in a small Mississippi town in the middle of no where. I hated school growing and never applied myself, but I always figured I would goto college. Well here I am about to be 25 years old and I am still in school and have never stopped since I was 5. 1 certificate, 1 associates degree in applied sciences, a minor in history, and 20 or so hours away from a B.S. in Sport Coaching Education, here I am still hating school. However, it appears I have made a career of sorts out of it. Sports are my passion and many of my blogs will probably be about a sport or atleast mention of a sport. That is enough about my background for now, I may delve further into my personal life at a later date, but tonight I want to keep things a little more simple.

Have you ever wondered how certain products got their name? The other day I looked down at my phone to check the time, and it was 4:09 P.M.. Instantly, I thought how did the cleaner spray 409 get it's name? Turns out it took the chemist 409 tries to get the proper results from the chemicals to makeup the spray. So, my question to you readers out there are their any weird products names that you have ever wondered how it got it's name? If so research and leave me a comment with what you found. I would like to know.

-- Peace out, Cdubby!


  1. Another MS boy. I'll follow you. Follow back.

  2. Of course I'll follow a MS kid! Us mississippians gotta stick together!

  3. Sounds like one of my friends called joseph

  4. Looking forward to your future posts bro

  5. I look forward to your next post! Following!